Add checkpoint with a Tag in Zerto

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Today a small topic, How to add a custom checkpoint with a tag in Zerto.

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We discussed earlier, Zerto creating checkpoints automatically, but if you want to create a custom check point with an identification tag, we can do that.

In the ZVM web client, click on “ACTIONS”

Select ADD CHECKPOINT option.

Once the Add Checkpoint window opens,

Enter a name for the check point: I am giving as “Checkpoint Test”

Select your VPG.

Click on save button.

While performing a restoration we can select this custom restoration point.

Use case: In a production environment you can create a custom tag before performing any change, if something goes wrong, we can easily identify the custom tag and Failover the protected VMs.

We will discuss more on Zerto in upcoming posts.

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Written by Sujith Surendran

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