How to add vCenter Adapter to vROPS

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Today we will discuss about how to add a vCenter adapter to vROps 6.5.

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Login to vRealize Operations Manager Web page, click on Administration option in the left side.

Click on solutions in the left top, Under solutions select VMware vSphere, and click on configuration icon.

Provide Display name: vcsa01

Provide Description: VCSA on vROPS

Under basic settings,

Provide vCenter server FQDN or IP : vcsa01.vgyan.local

For adding credentials click on (+) icon.

Provide credentials,

Credentials name: admin

User Name: sujithsn@vgyan.local

Password: ******

Click OK.

Under vCenter Actions,

Select enable actions option.

Click on Test Connection to verify the connection between vROps and vCenter.

Review and Accept Certificate and click OK to use credentials to connect.

Test completed successfully, click OK to continue:-

If you want to change any parameters on advanced settings, change and click on Save Settings.

Adapter instance successfully saved, click OK to continue:-

I have added my second vCenter Server adapter also to vROps, vc01.vgyan.local.

Below screenshot shows both vCenter Servers are listed under VMware vSphere Solutions Details, both vCenter adapter’s are collecting data.

So we successfully added vCenter adapter on vRealize Operations Manager, we will discuss more on vRealize in upcoming posts.

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Written by Sujith Surendran

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