Add View Licence, Event Database and vCenter Server

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Today we will discuss about how to add Horizon View Licence, View Event Database and vCenter server to Horizon View administrator portal.

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Licence VMware Horizon View Environment

VMware Horizon View 7 having three types of licence editions:-

  1. VMware Horizon 7 Standard Edition
  2. VMware Horizon 7 Advanced Edition
  3. VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition

VMware Horizon 7 Standard Edition

Standard Edition provides a simple and powerful VDI solution with great user experience. version includes a standalone version of View, ThinApp, vSphere Desktop, and vCenter Desktop.

Horizon 7 Standard Edition and its components are licensed per concurrent connection. The per concurrent connection license model is for virtual environments with a high number of users.

VMware Horizon 7 Advanced Edition

Advanced Edition provides the flexibility to deliver desktops and applications to users to any device (physical or virtual) at a lower cost with automation capability’s. it includes the functionality for hosted applications, a unified workspace with VMware Workspace Portal, virtual storage with VMware Virtual SAN, and image management for physical desktops using VMware Mirage and VMware Fusion Pro.

Horizon 7 Advanced Edition is available for concurrent users and named users.

VMware Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition 

Enterprise Edition provides all the orchestration and automation requirements to users who want to build an enterprise-ready cloud. It include features from Standard Edition and VMware Horizon Advanced Edition, it includes the VMware vRealize Orchestrator plug-in to enable to use vRealize Orchestrator and VMware vRealize Automation for automated provisioning of desktops and applications.

Horizon 7 Enterprise Edition is available as a concurrent user and named user.

For more information about Horizon View 7 licence model click here.

Assign Horizon View License

For assigning Horizon View Licence,  Login to VMware Horizon 7 Administrator portal (Connection Server Admin portal).

From Inventory > drill down to View Configuration > Select Product Licensing and Usage.

Under Licensing and Usage tab, Select “Edit Licence

Provide your licence key and click “OK“.

Licence features are applied to Horizon View, we can verify that from administrator web portal.

Configure Horizon View Event Database

I have already deployed SQL database server and configured event database for Horizon View event DB. You can find SQL server configuration here.

Open View Administrator Console, drill down to View Configuration > Event Configuration, under Event Database click on “Edit

Provide required details for configuring “Event Database“.

  • Database Server: db.vgyan.local
  • Database type: Microsoft SQL Server
  • Port: 1433
  • Database name: viewevents
  • User name: sa
  • Password: ******

Click “OK

Once Horizon View event database is configured, we will be able to see the event database information under event configuration tab.

Under Event Settings, click on “Edit”

Note:- View administrator can show up to 2000 events from the time period specified below. Older events are stored in the historical tables of the database.

In Event Settings tab, we can customize event view.

Show events in view administrator: we have five options available (3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and 6 months)

Classify events as new for: we have three options available ( 1 day, 2 days and 3 days)

Choose Event Settings according to your requirements, click “OK“.

If you have Syslog server in your environment you can add syslog server details under Event configuration tab.

Event database configured successfully for Horizon View.

Add vCenter Server to Horizon View Environment

As we know, we are using vSphere environment as computing tier.

For adding vCenter server to Horizon View, Open View Administrator Console, drill down to View Configuration > Servers , under vCenter Servers > click on “Add

Under vCenter server settings, provide required details:-

  • Server address: vc04.vgyan.local
  • User name: administrator@vsphere.local
  • Password: ******
  • Port: 443

Under advanced settings, I selected default values. Click “Next

Click on “View Certificate

Accept “Certificate

In View Composer tab, I have standalone View Composer server so I am selecting “Standalone View Composer Server“, and provided required details:-

  • Server address: cmp01.vgyan.local
  • User name: sujithsn@vgyan.local (In production environment we use SA account)
  • Password: *****
  • Port: 18443

Click “Next”

Add View Composer Domains:- View Composer adds computer accounts for linked-clone machines in AD domains configure here. The View Composer user account for the domains must have Create Computer Objects, Delete Computer Objects and Write all Properties permissions in domains.

Under View Composer Domains > Click on “Add

Provide Domain details, and Click “OK

Verify Composer domains, and click “Next

In storage tab, Select storage settings according to your requirements and click “Next

Verify all the details and click “Finish

vCenter Server successfully added to Horizon Environment.

Now my Horizon Administrator dashboard having vCenter components as well.

So we successfully added Horizon View Licence, Event Database and vCenter server to Horizon view Administrator console.

That’s all guys.. will discuss more on Horizon View 7.5 in upcoming post, Horizon View components installation and configuration, various Desktop pool creations, Application publishing etc… stay tuned.. ????

Next blog post will be “Create Windows 7 Golden Image

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Written by Sujith Surendran

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