How to configure ESXi Network settings.

Log In to your ESXi server.

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-38-50

Press “F2″for Customize system window.

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-39-33

Enter login credentials here.

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-39-42

First option is to configure password, We already configured the password during  the installation time. If you need to change the password again, this is the place to reset.

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-39-50

Configure Management Network option providing privilege to configure the Network. Press “Enter” here.

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-40-01

Select the the network adapter here.

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-40-11

If your having any VLAN connection to your EXSi, add the VLAN ID here.

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-40-21

Select IPv4 and press “Enter”

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-40-55

Select the static IPv4 option and assign your IP here.

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-41-02

I am disabling  IPv6 here because I am not using , If we disable the IPv6, need to reboot the ESXi once.

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-42-14

Assign DNS IPs and Host name in the DNS Configuration field.

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-42-29

Assign the DNS Suffix in the suffix field.

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-42-45

Confirm the changes and reboot the host.

ESXi Host-001-2015-09-26-23-44-18

Now we can see the Network changes here.



Written by Sujith Surendran

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