ESXi 6.5 Installation Part-1

Hi all,

Today we will discussing about how to install a ESXi 6.5 server.


  • ESXi 6.5 CD.
  • VT Enabled processor.
  • Supported NIC card.

for more information about prerequisites  click here:-

Boot from CD drive with ESXi 6.5 iso file.

Once it’s booted up from CD wait for the installation welcome window.

Click “Enter” to continue:-

Click F11 to accept the licence agreement and continue.

Select available storage for esxi installation. This is lab environment so there is no raid configured. If you are in production environment need to configure raid for best practice.

Select keyboard layout.

Click “Enter” to continue:-

Provide esxi root password and click “Enter” to continue:-

Press F11 to confirm the installation.

Once the installation completed, click “Enter” for reboot the newly built esxi host.

We can access esxi 6.5 with html client.

HTTPS://ipaddress or host name/UI

Provide the root user and password for login.

Now we ar inside html client, it’s truly new look!!!

We can access esxi 6.5 from c# client. But vCenter 6.5 we can’t access from c# client.

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Written by Sujith Surendran

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