Setting up Microsoft ADDS, DNS and DHCP

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Today we will discuss about how to setup Microsoft Active Directory, DNS and DHCP features for Horizon View infrastructure. In Horizon View environment, Active Directory, DNS, and DHCP should be present and its primary requirement for Horizon View.

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Let’s discuss how to configure..

Setup Microsoft Windows ADDS

I believe windows and VMware engineer must have an idea about how to setup Microsoft windows server and enable required server roles. So I am going to tell you how I configured Domain controller in my environment.

Let’s discuss about server requirements:-

In my environment AD,DHCP and DNS roles are running on a single virtual machine which is running on Windows 2012 R2 STD server.

Virtual machine configured with 2 vCPU and 2 GB RAM.

Host Name: DC

IP Address:

There are couple of screenshots I added as slideshow, because most of the guys done this setup before..

Below slideshow shows how to enable Active Directory Domain Services in newly deployed server.

So I have my domain ready with “vgyan.local”

Once Domain controller become active, I created two users for VDI testing..

User 1. vdiuser01

User 2. vdiuser02

Created new group for VDI users, Group name: vdiusers

Created New OU for newly deployed VDI desktops.

OU Name: Horizon VDI Desktop


I created one user account for myself “sujithsn”, and given Administrator privilege.

Setup Microsoft Windows DNS

DNS role is already configured with ADDS setup, we have forwarded lookup zone available in DNS console. In VMware environment we need to configure reverse lookup zone as well.

Below slideshow shows how to configure reverse lookup zone.

Now reverse lookup zone also become active.

DNS is ready now, will look into DHCP configuration.

Setup Microsoft Windows DHCP

DHCP role needs to be enabled on primary server, below slideshow shows how to enable DHCP feature.

Once the DHCP role enabled, open DHCP console and create new IPv4 Scope..

Below slideshow shows how to create “New Scope” on DHCP console.

While configuring DHCP lease duration, make sure you are keeping proper duration according to your VDI design.

So we created new DHCP scope for Horizon View desktops.

So we configured ADDS, DNS and DHCP for Horizon View environment..

That’s all guys.. will discuss more on Horizon View 7.5 in upcoming post, Horizon View components installation and configuration, various Desktop pool creations, Application publishing etc… stay tuned.. ????

Next blog post will be “Configure Microsoft Certificate Authority

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Written by Sujith Surendran

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