How to Create new Repository for Zerto Backup

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In my previous post we discussed about How to configure Virtual Protection Group VPG, while configuring VPG we discussed about how to schedule Zerto Backup.

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Today we will discuss about how to add new backup repository to Zerto ZVM.

For adding new repository, log in to ZVM web client, I am creating this backup repository in my recovery site.

Click on SETUP tab, in set up tab we can find out installed VRAs, available Datastore, and Repositories. Below screenshot shows available datastores in my lab environment.


Once the Repositories tab opens, Click on NEW REPOSITORY option in the right top.

In the New Repository tab,

Repository Name: vGyan-DR-Repo

Repository Type: Network Share (SMB)

There are two options are available in Repository types,

  1. Network Share (SMB)
  2. Local

I have created a new SMB share from my openfiler server for backup repository.

We need to provide the SMB share details,

Username: sujithsn@vgyan.local (AD authentication enabled in openfiler server)

Password: ******

Path: \\openfiler02.vgyan.local\Backup-repo

Click on Validate option to verify the connectivity.

I have 88.9GB free space available in my new repository.

Select enable compression option, I am selecting this repository as my default backup repository.

Click on SAVE button to add new backup repository.

Newly created backup repository is added to REPOSITORIES tab.

So we successfully created Backup Repository in ZVM. We will discuss about how to create backup/how to restore from backup in upcoming posts.

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Written by Sujith Surendran

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