How to Perform a FAILOVER/MOVE with Zerto

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Today we will discuss about how to FAILOVER/MOVE Resource with help of Zerto Virtual Replication.

I am going to perform a Resource MOVE from protected site to recovery site, is it really required a resource movement? Some times yes, if you are planning for a change in the infrastructure, with a minimum down time you can switch you’re entire workload to recovery site.

So I am going to MOVE my VMs from protect site to Recovery site and enabling Reverse Protection. Reverse Protection will enable Protected site as Recovery site/Replication site.

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Below screenshot shows how I prepared my Zerto environment for VMware to VMware DR Solution.

Lab environment created for Zerto VMware to VMware DR test.

Below screenshot shows, I have two vCenter Server one is for production site and another one is for DR site.

In production site I have three VMs (vm01,vm02,vm03).

Let’s start, Log in to your protected site ZVM, in the right bottom select failover mode as LIVE and click on FAILOVER button.

Today we are going to discuss about Resource MOVE, we will discuss about LIVE fail over later.

Once the failover window opens, Select required VPG’s. I am selecting all available VPG’s for FAILOVER.

Click Next to continue:-

In the EXECUTION PARAMETERS enable Reverse Protection for both the VPG’s and click Next to continue:-

We are ready to perform a failover, click on START FAILOVER button.

In the TASKS we can find Failover progress.

Yes the Resources MOVE is completed successfully, vm01, vm02, vm03 are moved to my DR site.

ZVM still working on the Failover and Reverse Replication task.

FAILING OVER in progress..

ZVM initiated Delta Syncing for each VM from DR site to protected site. Now my DR site is working as production site and Production site as Recovery site.

Once the Delta Syncing completed, VPG’s are meeting the SLA. So Zerto is ready for an another failover.

This is not an actual failover situation, we moved our Resources from one site to another site with minimal down time.

We will discuss more on Zerto in upcoming posts.

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Written by Sujith Surendran

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