How to set time zone in vROPS 6.5

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Today we will discuss about how to setup time zone in vROPS 6.5.

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Once you deploy vRealize Operations Manager by default the time zone will be in UTC. I am located in IST time zone, so I want to change my vROps time zone to IST.

Lets start..

Login to vROps with root credentials.

Verify the current time zone with “date” command, and it is UTC.

To disable time sync, use command “vmware-toolbox-cmd timesync disable“, time sync is disabled.

For enable ntp service, use command “chkconfig ntp on

For verifying current ntp configuration, check the ntp config file,

Use “vim /etc/ntp.conf” to access ntp.conf file.

Verify your ntp server FQDN/IP is available in ntp.conf file.

I have my ntp server “ntp.vgyan.local” is available in ntp.conf file.

For starting NTP service, use “service ntp start

For setting up the time zone I used VMware KB,

But I was unable to find out our IST time zone in the available list.

Finally I tried /Asia/Kolkata along with the command, its worked.

/opt/vmware/share/vami/vami set timezone cmd /Asia/Kolkata

But this /Asia/Kolkata, unable to find out in the available list.

To verify the time zone hit “date“, its change to IST time zone.

We will discuss more on vRealize Operations Manager in upcoming posts.

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