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Today we will discuss how to upgrade a vSphere Distributed switch 5.5 to 6.0.

The upgrade of a distributed switch is a non disruptive operation, that is, the hosts and virtual machines attached to the switch do not experience any downtime.

Before proceeding the upgradation for best practice I am going to export my vDS 5.5 configuration files.

Right click on vDS 5.5, go to settings and select Export Configuration…


Select “Distributed switch and all port groups” option, Click OK.


Once the configuration file exported, Select “Yes” to save in your local desktop.


In the below screenshot, current vDS version is 5.5.0 I am going to upgrade to 6.0.0


Right click on vDS 5.5 and navigate to upgrade, Select “Upgrade Distributed Switch” option.


Click “Next” to continue:-


Check host comparability and click “Next”


” Once upgraded the distributed switch cannot be downgraded to a previous distributed version. You will not be able to add older VMware ESX Server members that are not compatible with the new distributed switch”

Click on “Finish” button.



Verify vDS is upgraded to 6.0.0


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Written by Sujith Surendran

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