How to Configure ODBC for vCenter

Today we are discussing about how to configure ODBC driver for vCenter external database.

I am using MSSQL 2014 Express database and I created a data base called “vgyanvc”.

Let’s start:-

Open ODBC Data Source Administrator (64-bit) from start menu.

Select System DSN and click on “Add..”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-06-33

From ” Create new data source” plane select “SQL Server native client 11.0”.

Click “Finish”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-06-42

Enter database name in the Name field: “vgyanvc”

Enter database server name in the server field: “vc.vgyan.local”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-07-13

Select SQL authentication here:-

  1. Windows authentication
  2. SQL server authentication (sa)

Select authentication and click next..

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-07-33

Change the default database to your database name ex: vgyanvc, Click “Next”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-07-49

Select default options and Click “Finish”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-07-57

Database test completed successfully!!

Click “OK” here..

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-08-09

Verify the ODBC configuration and click “OK” here..

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-08-15

Now we can see the “vgyanvc” in ODBC.

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-08-23

Thanks for reading!!!

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Written by Sujith Surendran

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