vCenter 6.0 Installation

Today we are discussing about vCenter 6.0 installation.

First we will discuss about prerequisites to install a vCenter server.

Sizing Hardware for vCenter Server for Windows based installation

  • Two 64-bit CPUs or a single dual-core 64-bit CPU
  • 8 GB of RAM or more
  • 17 GB of free disk space
  • A network adapter (1 Gbps strongly recommended)
  • A supported version of Windows Server OS family ( I am using Windows 2012 R2 Server)

This is the minimum requirements, according to your environment with many esxi hosts and VMs must scale the vCenter server system accordingly.

  • External Database server ( SQL Server Optional)
  • External Platform Services Controller (Optional)
  • If you are using external SQL database, Need to create service account.

Here I am using nested lab, My vCenter server having 4 CPU, 8 GB RAM and 100 GB HDD (SSD).

If you don’t have VIM setup ISO, Register for 60 days trail with VMware.

Once you have Windows Server, Database, ODBC and VIM setup iso, Plan for installation

  • Attach VIM setup ISO to your Server (through ILO or DVD)

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-09-03

  • Open cd drive and double click “autorun” file.
  • Select vCenter Server for Windows and click “Install”.

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-09-15

  • Click “Next” here..

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-16-00

  • Accept the EULA and click “Next”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-16-07

  • Select deployment mode here.
  • I am going with Embedded Deployment (PSC and vCenter on the same server)
  • Select appropriate deployment mode and click “Next”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-16-34

  • Add the System Name and click “Next”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-16-42

  • Here you have to configure vCenter SSO domain, or Join to a existing SSO domain.
  • By default SSO domain will be “vsphere.local”
  • SSO user will be “administrator@vsphere.local”
  • Enter the SSO password and site name and click “Next”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-17-34

  • Select the database here
  • There are two options, embedded database or external database, I am using external database SQL 2014 express.
  • I already added my database “vgyanvc” to my ODBC.
  • Select the DSN Name from drop down menu and click “Next”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-18-18

  • Enter the vCenter service account user name and password and click “Next”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-18-57

  • Select default ports and select “Next”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-29-40

  • Select default Destination Directory and click “Next”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-29-44

  • Verify all the configuration items and click “Install”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-29-48

  • It will take 20 to 30 Min to complete.

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-19-29-57

  • Once installation completed, Click “Finish”

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-20-20-55

  • Select “Exit” on vCenter installer.

vCenter Server-2015-09-29-20-21-03

Now we completed our vCenter server 6.0 installation!!!

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Written by Sujith Surendran

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