How to assign license to vROps 6.5

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Today we will discuss about how to assign a valid license to newly deployed vROPS 6.5.

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For assigning new license, Login to vRealize Operations Manager Web client, Click on Administration section.

Click on Licensing option in the left top under solutions.

Currently my vROps is running on evaluation mode, evaluation license is available in the licence field.

For adding new license key, click on green plus icon (+).

Choose the product or solution as : vRealize Operations Manager

Enter your license key and click on Validate icon.

Once the licence is successfully validated, click on Save icon to assign license for newly deployed vROps 6.5.

Newly added license applied to my vROps and it’s valid for another 234 testing days.

So we successfully licensed vROps 6.5, will discuss more on vROps in the upcoming posts.

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Written by Sujith Surendran

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