How to add Local User in vROPS?

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Today we will discuss about How to create a local user in vROps 6.5.

In my previous post we discussed about how to add SSO solution in to vROps.

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Let’s start, open vRealize Operations Manager Web client, Select Access control>User Accounts and click on green plus button (+).

In the Add User tab,Provide required details:-

User Name: vropsadmin

Password: ******

Confirm password: ******

First Name: vrops

Last Name: admin

Email address: ——–

Description: local admin.

If you need to disable this account Select “Disable this user”

If you want this user password to reset in the next login you can set that as well.

Click Next to continue:-

In the object filed, there are multiple predefined permission policy for newly created user.

I am selecting this user as power user.

Select “Assign this role to the user” check box.

In the select object field, I am selecting both vCenter Servers.

Click Finish add new local user.

Newly created Local user account is added to my user accounts list.

While Login to vROps manager web client, select Local as Authentication source and provide local user name and password, click on Login icon.

Now we are in vRealize Operations Manager Web client with local user account vropsadmin.

We will discuss more on vRealize Operations Manager in upcoming posts.

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