Backup and Restore with Zerto Replication

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Today we will discuss about how to use Zerto as a backup option.

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First of all, Zerto is not a backup tool, it’s an additional features which is getting free of cost with Zerto Replication.

Below screenshot showing my Zerto Replication manager console, there is only one VPG under that one VM protected with 20 GB.

I configured backup repository in my Zerto enabled DR site.

So we will initiate a backup job from the VPG console.

From the VPG console, Select “MORE” option and click on “Run Backup” option.

Select OK to continue with backup job.

Verify the backup task.

Below screenshot shows, how Zerto organic backup strategy.

In Offsite Data Retention, we can keep the backup for..

  • Daily Backup for a week.
  • Weekly backup for a month.
  • Monthly backup for a year.

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We successfully completed OffSite backup.

Below screenshot showing the backup files created in the backup repository.

We have one server full backup in our bacup repository, so we will try for a restoration.

From Menu select “ACTIONS” and select “RESTORE BACKUP” option.

While performing a restoration on Zerto Backup we have two options.

  • Restore from backup (VPG)
  • Restore from Repository

I am going with restore from Repository option, from the drop-down menu select available backup Repository.

Click NEXT to continue:-

Select any “point in time” for backup restoration.

I am selecting my last full backup for restoration.

Click NEXT to continue:-

In the VM Settings tab, I am going to edit my NIC property.

Select VM and click on “EDIT SELECTED” option.

In the Edit NIC tab, I changed the network property’s according to my DR site settings.

IP address will change to after restoration.

Verify the summary tab and click on RESTORE option.

In my prod environment I have one VM “vGyan-Prod-VM-01” with IP

After restoration same “vGyan-Prod-VM-01” is available in my DR site with the IP address, which we provided in restoration settings..

With Zerto Replication tool we can take Backup very easily with minimal configuration settings, with minimal steps we can restore as well.

We will discuss more on Zerto in upcoming posts.

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